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This is a journal for a fictional RP.

Beast has the rose (in its glass case), but doesn't have the mirror, so he is very reluctant to talk over the journals.

My OOC AIM screen name is magnodragon. Please say who you are when you message me.
The IC AIM screen name for Beast is iflastpetalfalls. Feel free to bug him as you wish, but be warned that the away messages for that account match up with the away messages for my main screen name.

Character: Beast
Series: Beauty and the Beast
Version: Special Edition movie release, before meeting Maurice
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: ...moot point, but straight
The Beast lives up to his title. He is large and imposing, standing much taller and weighing much more than even a powerful specimen of a normal man his age. His blue eyes are set into a vaguely canine face, with a long nose and extended jaw filled with sharp teeth. His whole body is covered in brown fur, with thicker, darker tufts running down the middle of his chest and on his elbows and ankles. His legs are like the hind legs of a four-legged mammal, appearing to bend backwards due to the extended bones of the feet, and larger pads on the balls of the feet. His hands are tipped in sharp claws, and have large, leathery (but soft) skin pads, like the paws of a dog or cat.

The Beast has two sides. The external one is mean, course, and unrefined. He’s gruff, angry, and demanding. His terrible temper would drive people away—if there were ever people around the Beast to start with. After being alone for so long, looking the way he does, he has a hard time trusting anyone. He would accuse someone of mocking him, simply because they looked at him, then disbelieve them if they tried to explain their purpose.
Truly, the Beast is very childish. He was transformed at a young age, and never learned how to properly interact with people. So he’s spoiled, expecting those around him to do as he says, without question. He gets angry and frustrated when things don’t go his way, and can become somewhat spiteful, even. He is frightened of strangers, but puts on a face of a strong, bestial monster instead of trying to overcome his anxiety. Cynicism guards his fragile emotions from harm, or so the Beast hopes. It is very hard to get to know the Beast, beyond his angry and nihilistic demeanor.
However, he isn’t all bad. Just like anyone else, he truly craves the love of someone else, and wants someone who he can fall in love with. If he’s complimented, he might not want to really take it to heart—but he does appreciate it. He isn't incapable of seeing the good qualities in a person, but he's become so pessimistic that he simply ignores them, so that he doesn't have his heart broken. He might shy away from kindness, but it's because he isn't used to it, not because he doesn't like it.

The Beast is very quick, vicious, and strong. He has the fighting instincts of a wolf or tiger, clawing and roaring and biting savagely, with all his might, sometimes using his massive strength to toss foes around or lift them off the ground. He’s more feral when cornered, or when someone he cares about (…when he has someone to care about) is in danger.

Beast is incredibly easy to anger, and has precious little control over his fiery temper. For all his brute strength, he doesn’t use it very often, so he doesn’t have a great deal of stamina—though usually it will last him at least long enough to finish his fight.

Also, while he used to know how, Beast has forgotten how to read. His forlorn demeanor has put literature far to the back of his mind, lost as unimportant in the face of his plight.


Beast was always a very spoiled prince when he was younger. Physically he was a normal boy, just like any other. That was, until one terrible day, when a haggard old woman asked him for a place to stay in his castle. He refused, detesting her unsightly appearance. She entreated him, begging him to look beyond the flesh of a person, to see the beauty of someone from inside. He again turned her away, and she turned into an Enchantress of gorgeous splendor. The young prince was too late to plead for forgiveness, no matter how much he tried to apologize. The Enchantress had seen his hard, loveless heart, that was unable to look beyond the surface to the person underneath—to who a person truly was.
She cast a powerful spell on the prince, and the entire castle. He was turned into a hideous beast, and the servants became assorted objects around the castle—the maid turned into a feather duster, the cook into a stove, the dog into an ottoman, some into dressers, some into pieces of a tea set, into brooms, candles, shovels, doors, gargoyles, coat racks, carpets, clocks, and myriad other odds and ends around the castle.
The Beast was left alone, with only the newly transformed servants for company. There was only one chance—if he could learn to love, and be loved in return, the Enchantress’s spell would be broken, and life could go back to normal for everyone. But the Beast, as the years went on, became cynical and lost hope…for who could ever love a beast?
His greatest fear, that the spell on him will never be broken, is objectified in a single rose. It glows with the magic of the Enchantress who ensorcelled his castle and its inhabitants, and it will wilt on the eve of his twenty-first birthday…which is drawing nigh. He is fiercely protective of the rose, all of his longing for a normal life contained within its petals. It is kept in a glass case, where it floats and shimmers—and where its petals slowly fall, like the sand in an hourglass, stealing away his hope as each detaches from the stem.
Depressed by his terrible fate, and the knowledge that his situation is all his own fault and could easily have been avoided, the Beast has lived in solitude for ten long years, forlorn and isolated. He has come to very much resemble his appearance—savage, angry, cruel and uncaring.
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